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OneLogin enables you to capitalise on the significant Identity and Access Management market opportunity and would provide your customers with a solution to the challenges associated with the adoption of cloud apps, including managing user access, streamlining and securing that access. Features include User Lifecycle Management, Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) among others.

OneLogin has helped customers such as Airbus, Tesco, Indeed and British Red Cross are able to execute their digital transformations quickly and securely.

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Workforce Identity and Access Management

Growing organisations have to deal with a multiplication of technological pieces: more applications, users and devices. OneLogin enables your employees to concentrate on their productivity and not on technical difficulties. It simplifies Identity and Access Management by centralising it across all user directories, applications and devices. At the same time OneLogin takes care of security by providing single-sign-on, multi-factor identification and a centralised cloud directory.

Customer Identity and Access Management

Cloud Directory

OneLogin provides you with cloud directory that is a centralised identity store in the cloud. You have the flexibility to either keep it minimal directory capturing or enrich it with data from different sources. You can use it as the store for customer identities or synchronise it with LDAP and Active Directory identity stores.

Single Sign-on

OneLogin allows customers to sign into applications without using a password by using the single sign-on protocols SAML and OpenID. If your online portal consists of multiple, discrete applications, customers will experience seamless user experience since every application that has a trust relationship with OneLogin will authenticated after signing in.

App Security

To protect your critical applications OneLogin provides with a strong multi-factor authentication that adds a layer of security to the application besides an often weak password protection. At the same time this layer of security won't slow down your business or burden the users.


Key benefits:

  • Rapid Deployment - Deployments measure in minutes, not months
  • Leading-edge Security - Security that won't slow you down and let's you move towards a passwordless future
  • Simple Management - Simple user administration and modernizing protection for legacy on-prem apps