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Prianto has been founded by a team of experienced executives with extensive knowledge and experience within distribution with a particular focus on the Citrix and Virtualization markets.

Prianto was setup to address the market needs for specialized distribution, as the smaller, niche organisations were being swallowed up by the bigger, fulfilment players.

Prianto Distribution’s goal is to provide its customers and vendors in Europe, with the values, culture and business thought-leadership around knowledge based distribution.

Resellers, System Integrators and Service Providers have access to tier-one products from the main broad-line distributors in the UK. It is apparent that whilst these products resolved many IT issues, new challenges are created which provides opportunities for new solutions from smaller leading edge technologies vendors. Prianto Distribution’s focus is on identifying these vendors thus providing resellers with NEW complementary products that will give them a commercial and technical edge in this highly competitive environment.

Smaller vendors looking to enter the UK via distribution are finding it increasingly difficult to find a partner to work with. Unless they can bring a minimum of £5M to the table, main distribution companies are not interested. In addition standard fulfilment distribution is not focused or structured to directly grow a vendor’s reseller base and increase their market awareness. Prianto will work with the virtualisation and security eco-system vendors to assist them in their growth in the UK and ultimately EMEA.

Why Prianto?

Fast, flexible and reliable

We live by the "Yes we can" spirit and work flexibly, unbureaucratically and at high speed.

International sales network

Prianto has over 10 international locations for uncomplicated and competent software distribution with innovative enterprise software solutions.

Experienced team of professionals

Our highly qualified and helpful staff are versed in the channel. We always go that step further for our customers!

Technology-comprehensive enterprise software solutions

We know the trends of the future in the areas of virtualization, storage, and security.

Business forward

We find profitable business opportunities for our partners: perfectly tailored to the respective objectives and business models.

Prianto Group

It is our mission to enable a platform and a greater reach for advanced technologies worldwide. Right from the start, close partnerships were established in the largest global IT markets and local sales locations with specific know-how were founded. Find out more about our global branches:

Prianto Group

Managing Team

Yuri Pasea

Yuri Pasea is CEO and Founder of Prianto Limited. Yuri founded KNS in 1984, and with the KNS team successfully launched Citrix in the UK market. KNS went on to become Centia, a VMware distributor and Citrix’s largest European distributor for many years. Centia was subsequently acquired by DNS Arrow in 2007.
A well known figure in the IT distribution industry, Yuri brings a wealth of experience in identifying IT trends and delivering value to resellers, service providers and system integrators with leading edge technology solution.

Nigel Hawley

Nigel Hawley was General Manager of KNS Distribution and one of the founders of Centia. With senior operations and sales management roles with Foxboro, KNS, FutureLink, Centia, Appspeed and Alchemy Systems, his focus is to develop Prianto’s customer base.

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History and Mission

Founded by colleagues and friends William and Oliver, Prianto was set up to cover the distribution of often overlooked but highly innovative niche enterprise software solutions. Read about our very own founding myth here:

  • Prianto was coined using the first names of the children of founder William Geens, Priska and Anton
  • Co-founder Oliver Roth committed to his share of Prianto by signing a beer mat at William´s favourite pub
  • William used to tune and successfully sell beautiful oldtimers under the Prianto brand
  • The first important client was provided by a „non-profit business angel“
  • Two of Oliver´s best friends from high school are now an important part of Prianto´s sales force

From Prianto Germany to Prianto Group

Prianto Group founders share an intertwined common history and get along very well. Together we strive to grow awareness for forward-thinking, cutting-edge solutions and technologies globally. Read about how it all evolved from Prianto GmbH Germany:

  • Before founding Prianto UK, CEO Yuri Pasea announced that he was taking a year-long sabbatical. He was called exactly 365 days later to ask when he could start the company!
  • It was Yuri who then passed the ball to Rafal Goszyk, local sales manager of Poland.  The two of them had worked together previously.
  • The founders of Prianto Benelux, Rashied and Carina where going to start their VAD company without Prianto, but after a call from - again Yuri - and a meeting with William and Oliver (which ended with dancing on tables), they decided to join the Prianto clan.
  • Founders of Prianto USA, Fred Green and Tom Zorn were well retired and content. However, founding fever grabbed them again when they heard of Prianto´s plan to expand to the USA and they never looked back!

Prianto Group´s history