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10ZiG Technology provides cutting-edge Thin Client and Zero Client endpoint devices for the latest virtual desktop solutions.


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Powerful & Reliable Thin Client Solutions

10ZiG Technology offers a wide selection of powerful, reliable and affordable thin clients.

Our devices are constructed to provide the best performance possible in VDI and Server-Based applications/Desktops for hosted and cloud environments.
10ZiG Thin Clients are optimized for the latest desktop technologies including VMware, Citrix and Microsoft and harness the power of protocols such as PCoIP, Blast Extreme, HDX, HDX Premium, HDX 3D Pro and RDP.
10ZiG Thin Clients have been designed to meet the needs of all types of users, from Task-based right through to Power users requiring full HD multimedia, 3D, CAD and/or Quad Screen support.

Our Thin Client devices come in a thoughtfully constructed set of benefit features designed to ensure you receive the proper Thin Client based on your consumption and power needs.

10ZiG Redefined Zero Clients

10ZiG Zero Clients deliver a powerful, secure and easy to manage endpoint device.

Our Zero Clients harness the power of VMware and Citrix, supporting the latest protocols including Blast Extreme, PCoIP & HDX to deliver a seamless desktop virtualization experience. With 10ZiG NOS™, you will experience lightning-fast boot up times of seconds, simple and intuitive configuration locally or automated via our centralized management tool (10ZiG Manager) and the absolute lowest usage of power consumption - as low as 5 watts.
The 10ZiG Zero Client lineup provides a solution for all user types, from task workers up through the most demanding power users.