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Droplet Computing is redefining application delivery with its patent-pending application container technology. Enabling applications to be delivered on any device by decoupling your applications from the OS for online and offline use, delivering significant business value by providing costs savings, increasing user productivity and so much more......

Contact Information

 +44 1635 225522

Productivity Everywhere

Apps run in a contained environment on your device so do not require a constant cloud connection. Your apps will run online and offline with no loss of functionality.

App Portability

Decouple your apps from being tied to a particular OS or device for portability freedom of choice

Local devices & connections

Work as you do today, with local keyboard and language support, extended displays, printing, and saving documents

Fully featured familiar apps

With the Droplet Computing Container you can use your original unmodified apps on your choice of device

Minimal deliver requirements

The Droplet Computing Container runs in a modern browser, whether online or offline

Small footprint

No emulation, no VDI, no virtual machines, just a lightweight container

Cost savings

No infrastructure required, just your device, the apps you already own, and Droplet Computing