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UniPrint™ pioneered the use of a Portable Document Format (PDF)-based universal printer driver technology to streamline and enhance printing in Server-based Computing (SbC) environments. Today, UniPrint are a globally recognised leader in printing virtualisation.

The UniPrint Suite is a collection of software-based printing solutions specifically designed for server-centric environments. At the heart of the UniPrint solution is the PDF-based Universal Printer Driver designed for Citrix, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services(Terminal Services) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Any Platform, Any Device Printing

By sharing network printers from the UniPrint Bridge, UniPrint Infinity™ removes the need for printer drivers on the Remote Desktop Server or physical/virtual desktop. With "clientless printing" capability, thin-client and mobile-device users can print as easily as fat-client users.

PDF-based Universal Printer Driver

With a single universal printer driver, incompatibility is no longer an issue. Network administrators only need to install one UniPrint Universal Printer Driver on the Remote Desktop Server or physical/virtual desktop, regardless of printer make or model or whether it is networked or locally-attached. This helps streamline new printer installation, troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance. Print jobs are compressed into significantly smaller PDF files, resulting in faster transmission of data and printing.

Virtual Print Queue

With one virtual print queue, print commands that are sent to busy or non-functioning printers can instantly be redirected to other available printers for immediate printing, ensuring minimal work disruption across your enterprise.

vPad CE for Print Stream Compression

UniPrint Infinity™ vPad CE is a print appliance that is designed to facilitate print stream compression, solving bandwidth issues and promoting consistently fast remote printing across geographical locations, when deployed with the UniPrint Infinity™ software. The device can replace a remote site Windows print server allowing it to be consolidated into the data center, thereby saving hardware and support costs.

Case Study

Standard Bank Benefits From Faster Remote Printing & Simplified Printer Management