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RES IT Store

The most efficient way for IT to realise the benefits of IT as a Service while delivering on business and user expectations.

RES IT Store enables proactive and automatic delivery and return of IT services triggered by business qualification.

With the RES IT Store your users and the business will be given what they expect and want: an easy to use, self-service portal where they can interact with IT without delay. The platform gives IT the capabilities to deliver services when needed and without manual intervention. IT can now respond to requests 24/7 and service delivery is instant.

RES IT Store lays the foundation for IT to speak with the business on the right terms – as a strategic service provider. 



Identity and Classification - The identity warehouse collects qualification information from external sources, such as Human Resource or Payroll systems, to determine the identity of a person and map to other systems such as Active Directory. It uses data connections to determine who should have access to services and uses categorization to determine why people should have access to services in the catalog.

Service Catalog - Contains a complete list of all active services offered through the IT Store. This can be any type of IT and non-IT service. This is also where you configure service qualification by reading data from the Identity Warehouse.

Subscription Engine - Service subscriptions keep track of the service status. Service workflows are triggered by qualification and can be manual (self service), re-provision (due to organizational change) or automatic (proactive). Through subscriptions, services will automatically be returned as soon as people no longer qualify or when they manually cancel the service.

Workflow Actions - Business logic and IT process information is stored to determine what should happen during the delivery and return workflow. Typical actions can be: budget approvals, information gathering and run books. Workflow actions can automatically send emails and perform other activities.

Workspace Integration - By leveraging RES Workspace Manager, services can be adapted and access-secured based on user context. An IT Store service can be used as an access principle on any desktop object such as applications, printers and data.

Fulfilling User Requests - Through the highly intuitive and modern IT Store Web portal, users can easily request the services they need. Only services that users are qualified for will be available to request. Service panels enable the Service Desk or department/application managers to fulfill service request for other users. The IT Store Web portal supports branding to allow usage of your own company logo and colors.

Password Resets - RES IT Store provides a simple way of allowing users to change their passwords and unlock their user accounts, not only in Microsoft Windows but also in other systems such as and Microsoft Office 365.