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RES Software

RES Software was founded to assist IT professionals with their requirements to best serve the needs of their organisation. This starts with a suite of products designed with systems administrators in mind.  

RES Software focus on enabling IT to improve end-user productivity by providing access to the appropriate resources, predictably and reliably.  In addition, through automation, RES Software free IT professionals from mundane daily tasks so that they can focus on strategic initiatives.

RES Software is an enterprise software solution that transforms how users consume IT services through proactive, secure and automated delivery and return of IT services, with a great user experience. Our IT automation technology helps IT professionals master the impacts of IT consumerization, increasingly sophisticated corporate users, bring-your-own-device initiatives and cloud technologies by building a foundation for delivering IT as a Service (ITaaS) 

Our ITaaS technology manages the entire IT services lifecycle and delivers a modernized management platform. We enable IT to quickly move from manual, error-prone and repetitive IT changes to an automated, more secure and easy to use platform

RES Software integrates with an organization’s existing technology to enable the automated provisioning of resources that support the user and business. We integrate with service desk solutions, PC lifecycle management, enterprise mobility management, cloud applications, as well as identity solutions and more.


With over 200 employees worldwide, RES Software serves more than 2,500 customers with more than 3,500 deployments in 27 different countries. RES Software prides itself on continued innovation in helping enterprises move toward IT Automation in support of delivering IT as a Service to end-users. The company currently holds 11 patents for unique technology that helps IT departments increase their productivity each day.

"IT as a Service" 

By combining automation with context aware management and service catalogues, IT as a Service becomes a reality for everyone.

RES Software Customer Endorsements  

What better way to determine how our solutions are helping organizations, than by hearing from those professionals directly.